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In today’s digital world, businesses and organizations must have a functional, accessible and aesthetically pleasing website. Nowadays, customers are researching online before actually visiting or calling a business/organization. If the site is not well designed or adequately working, customers might click off and choose a competitor instead. 

Businesses and organizations need a responsive website that loads in less than two seconds,  and is developed by a website design and development company that customizes designs and development projects and who is a Google Development Partner. 

Our mission at Ocean Front Media Group is to provide high-end web design, web development and consulting services to our clients. Our expert website design and website development Miami team will build your custom website giving your business the professional brand and technology it deserves. 

One-of-a-kind web design service Miami

There is an ocean of websites on the Internet. How do you make your business/organization’s website stand out? A custom website design can help elevate your site above the competition. Our website design and development Miami team will create a custom website design or update that old site so that it is tailored to your brand and industry. 

If your business/organization already has a website, when was the last time it was updated? A website’s design lasts about two years before it needs to be reevaluated. Keeping it updated can help it stay user-friendly, improve speed and look aesthetically pleasing. 

At Ocean Front Media Group, we take pride in offering custom website design to our clients. We take custom software development extremely seriously. Our company starts the process by getting to understand the ins and outs of your company and its industry. This allows our South Florida web design team to utilize the right approach, tools and frameworks to accomplish the website's goals. 

Custom website development Miami 

Unlike other companies, Ocean Front Media Group provides custom website development. Our in-house website developer Miami team follows and implements the guidelines set in place by Google. What makes Ocean Front Media Group different from other website development Miami companies on the market: our developers are in-house and we are a Google Development partner. 

Being a Google Development Partner helps ensure that our clients' website is still up-to-date and follows the proper guidelines. This ensures that our codebase conforms to Google's best practice guidelines, and your website will naturally be included in Google's search index properly. Our website developer Miami team writes our codebase to a strict HTML5 standard, and our builds allow for future scalability.

Other website design and development 

Aside from custom website design and development, Ocean Front Media Group also provides Content Management Systems (CMS) and OMG Universal API. 

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