What is web design

What is web design

When was the last time that your website’s design was updated? Four, five or 10 years? Well, you might consider updating that site by calling a web design company Florida professional. Your business’s website is the first thing that customers see. If it’s not loading or showing the correct content, you could be losing potential customers. 

What is web design? 

Web design is the design and structure of a website that’s on the internet. It includes visual and functional  elements. The visual elements are copy, fonts, colors, images, videos, layout and spacing. Functional elements include navigation, speed, animations, user interactions and site structure. 

The two types of websites

There are two types of websites, and those are an adaptive and responsive website. A responsive website is one that uses different layers for different screen sizes, while a responsive website adapts the size of the screen devices. 

Why is web design so important? 

Web design is more important now than ever. With so many people searching on the internet for their next purchase, having a good web design can benefit your business. It is the first thing that the future and existing customers see. 

The last thing you want is for people to click off of your website and not purchase any of your products or services. Recent studies show that two out of three people would instead choose to look at a well-designed website than a poorly designed one. If your site has too much text, no images or lacks clear navigation, people might not want to interact. 

The benefits of investing in web design 

Your website will be faster.

When you click on your business’s website, how much time does it take for your website to load fully? Two or 10 seconds? If it’s taking more than two seconds to load, it’s time for some new website design services.

The research discovered that customers would get off a website if the website takes more than two seconds to load. Website design services professionals can make sure there isn’t anything that’s slowing down your site or affecting its search optimization. 

Your website will be viewable on any device. 

Nowadays, everyone is using their smartphones and tablets to do online searches. Having a mobile-friendly web design is essential for a business’s success. Research has found that 70 percent of all web traffic is done through mobile devices

Your business’s website design should be able to translate through smartphones, tablets and desktops. Everything from the layout to images should be resized and fit the dimensions of a mobile device. 

It can help your search engine optimization. 

Yes, you heard that right. Good web design can help you rank higher on search engines. Google, in particular, likes user-friendly websites. Google wants to be able to crawl your site and read it without a problem. To have an SEO-friendly website design, it needs to include a good navigation design, heading tags and speedy pages. 

When it comes to choosing to update your site’s web design, choose the best web design company Florida professionals. At Ocean Front Media, we can design a website that fits your brand and functionality. Contact us to get started building it. 

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