What businesses need to know about Instagram

What businesses need to know about Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for posting selfies anymore. It has become one of the social media platforms that give businesses the most engagement and brand-loyalty. Businesses are taking advantage of Instagram’s growing popularity. Where else can you reach the world’s populations that don’t have cable and no longer listen to the radio?

Whether you’re trying to run a local business or e-commerce business, Instagram is the social media platform businesses need to hop on. There is a lot of advantages and benefits that Instagram can provide to build a brand.

Here are some of the advantages for businesses to be actively using an Instagram account.

Instagram has business account option.  

One of the perks of using instagram is that it gives businesses the option to use a business profile. It makes it easier for customers to contact businesses. Instagram business accounts give the option to add an email address, phone number and address on the profile. Customers no longer have to go on search engines and try to find your information.

Plus, it makes it easier for businesses to add a call to action. That means business can customize their contact information to make appointments or reservations at a touch of a button. This is revolutionary because it makes it more convenient, especially for hotels. One instagram post can encourage a customer to make a reservation.

Instagram increases businesses invisibility.

One of the biggest advantages for a business to using Instagram is the large visibility. There are one billion people using Instagram. The chances of people interacting with your brand are much larger than on Facebook and Twitter. Out of that one billion, 500 million are using the app every single day!

With correct hashtags, your business’ visibility can be twice of what it would be on other platforms. That’s why it’s crucial to create a social media strategy that will increase your presence on Instagram. If you don’t know where to start, hire a social media marketing in South Florida that can provide you the best strategy to build an Instagram appearance.

Instagram stories are helping a brands grow.

One of the many things consumers want is a real and transparent company. People like to see the behind scenes of a company. Instagram stories are making that possible. With stories, businesses are able to produce interactive content where customers can ask questions or take a poll. They give you instant feedback.

Going live for an event or showcasing a new product is another perk. Customers can get notified that their favorite brand is going live. It’s just one step closer to building a more trustworthy brand.

Gives faster and more accurate reports.

Business owners want to know right away if their products and services are working. One of the greatest things about Instagram is it gives business the real-time accounts of the information they need. Whether you need to know how many people actually clicked on your link or how many people took your story survey. Instagram is making it easier for businesses to take advantage of this data.

Not only can Instagram help businesses. It can also damage them.

Avoid being salesy.

Nothing makes a person tune out faster than a sales pitch. People who are using Instagram are more than likely the kind of people who would pay more not to hear ads. Find a voice and story that fits your brand, without being a constant sales pitch. Not sure how to do this? Try hiring a digital marketing agency. They will create a voice that fits your industry.

No value.

One of the biggest mistakes that business can do on Instagram is make a post with no value. Posting an image of the sunset you think is pretty or an image without a purpose is not advised. Instagram should be used for sales, brand recognition, showcasing a companies environment, ect. Creating a strategy that showcases all the benefits of a company is advised.

Does your business need to a unique social media marketing in South Florida that will increase sales and brand awareness on Instagram? We can help! At Ocean Front Media, our digital marketing experts can help your business grow digitally and locally.

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