Three reasons why your company needs a mobile app

Three reasons why your company needs a mobile app

Everyone from retail stores to small businesses is using mobile apps to make life easier for customers. Creating mobile apps has become an essential part of companies because of the amount of time users spend on their mobile devices. Studies show that the average mobile users spend more than four hours a day on their mobile devices. 

During that time, your customers could be interacting with your mobile app or see a notification from your business. Before you start searching for app development websites, our app developers want to share some reasons why you should develop a mobile app for your business. 

What is an app? 

The word app is short for application. Usually, an app refers to software that is used on a smartphone or mobile device. Your mobile devices come with apps already installed, but you have the option to download the apps through an app store. For Android users, you download apps on the Google Play store. IOS users download apps through the Apple App Store

The different kinds of mobile apps

In these app stores, there are different categories of mobile apps. Google Play has 32 app categories and Apple App Store has 24 categories. However, there are six main categories of mobile apps that you can create. 

Benefits of mobile apps for business

Give your customers value 

It is no secret that people are interested in products and services that offer them value. One way your company can offer customers even more value is with a mobile app. Apps help solve your customers' pain points, make shopping easier, tracking reward points or offering discounts.

An excellent example of how a mobile app can add value is by moving or creating a loyalty program for your mobile app. This will help insight people to download your app because it will make it easier for them to keep track of their rewards in a place they always check. 

Increase marketing efforts 

There are many ways to market to your customers nowadays - like email and social media. However, it also means that there are also a lot of other companies trying to capture the attention of your customers there as well. One way you can market your customers more directly is through a mobile app. Apps give companies the opportunity to send customers direct messages about product launches, news and promotions. 

Stand out against competitors

One of the major benefits of mobile apps for business is standing out from the competition. Not many companies have taken into account the many benefits of building a mobile app for your customers. Make A Website Hub discovers that mobile users are 80 percent more likely to purchase from companies with mobile sites or apps that help them easily answer their questions. 

Choose one of the app development websites! 

At Ocean Front Media Group, we can help make your app idea into a reality! Our team has developed apps for all kinds of industries, from health care to auctions. Contact us to start creating your company's mobile app

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